Monday, 3 June 2013

Printed Portfolio

Here's how my printed portfolio is looking at the moment. I may want to reorder/change it before the end of year show but I have time to do so.

Monday, 6 May 2013

PDF Portfolio

Here's my PDF portfolio that I use to send to people for feedback or when applying for a job that asks for it. I also give my website as I don't want to include everything in the PDF, just the better stuff.

Business Cards

I have planned on ordering my business cards from a place called rugby printers, who offers a range of special print finishes at a reasonable price. I cannot afford to order them yet so I am holding back for a little while but will hopefully have them for hand in. Here's how I am planning them to be...

The cards will be duplexed with black stock and white stock. On the black stock I will have my logo black foiled on, and then on the white side I will have my details black foiled on. The logo on the bottom of the white side will be optional and will be applied using a rubber stamp if I want it to be on there. If not, then it does leave plenty of white space incase I need to write anything else on there for what ever reason.


I have my online portfolio website running on cargo. I've had this since I was in my second year of ND, but obviously as the last 3 years have passed the improvement of the website itself and my work has gone up lots. Here's how it currently looks. I need to get more FMP work on there when it's done.


Here's my CV. I wanted a design style to it that reflects how I am really into type and layout. This is sort of a mix between my normal and creative CV as I wouldn't really go anymore adventurous than this anyway if I was to want a more creative one.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

PPD Presentation

I have lots of stuff to put up, it will be up by next week when they are assessed. Sorrrrryyyyy.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Design Diary - 09/10/2012

This week has been interesting so far. Got off to a good start with one of my studio briefs, which is good. I like the progress that I have made so far. Need to really kick start the others though now.

Had a mad rush to get ready for the group tutorials as I thought I would get a later one but when I come to booking a time slot the only one I could get was for the same day - oh dear! Managed to get everything ready in time though.

Also, found out today that my dissertation tutorial which I thought was this Wednesday is actually next Wednesday. This is definitely a good thing as I have more time to actually pull something together. I just hope I make good use of the time and don't end up in exactly the same position this time next week.

All is good.